bent from wire



with recycled pearls and gemstones.

Made in hanover, Germany


Jewelry Artist & Founder of Hai Tay Studio:   Kiều Trinh

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle & Upcycle

We cannot change the world overnight, but we can make the right decisions every day to keep moving towards change. I have chosen to be more careful with my consumption. For this reason, when making jewelry, I make sure to reduce the purchase of newly produced materials and instead reuse more used material.

     The pearls and gemstones that I use for Hai Tay Jewelry, I bought or received as old second hand jewelry. The materials are recycled and afterwards incorporated into the new jewelry as a highlight - and are then ready to spread joy again.

     It's only a small contribution to the environment, but each contribution is one step closer to change. And at some point the morning we are waiting for may not be that far away.

Your Ki u Trinh


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